19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Building the future

The group

At Mirgor, we turn technology into experiences that generate well-being and progress.
We work to achieve the highest efficiency and quality in the technological products and services we bring to the world. We create a solution for every need.

Our background

Since 40 years we have been working integrating and strengthening the communities in which we find ourselves. With the constant commitment to self-improvement, we adapt to different contexts and challenges, always pursuing the same dream: Build the future.

We are leaders

We have as many sides as the needs the world has.

We have changed, grown, and multiplied with our forever present transparency, sharing every success with those who support us.

Our credentials: industrial and logistics capacity, strategic alliances, and a strong production culture. We live exploring, knowing that we only advance with the strength of teamwork, side by side, thus expanding the potential of our professionals.