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At Diggit, we are everything you are looking for in terms of technology in one place. We manufacture, import, distribute and sell the most innovative electronic products on the market. We guarantee the best shopping experience with the most competitive prices and original guarantees.

Turn on your life
turn on QÜINT

Qüint is a brand of technology whith special focus on design and quality.

A new way of consuming technology.

At Ferbi, we select, evaluate, classify, and refurbish equipment units to find them a new life. We were born in 2022, but we have been manufacturing technology for over 38 years, and we have succeeded in putting the equipment you have always dreamed of at your fingerprints. There are more and more of us. Will you come on board?

Innovation and evolution without limits

At ONTEC, we bring the highest global quality standards to the national automotive industry, and we are committed to those tools that allow us to push ourselves further. We implement cutting-edge technology, even in the most challenging contexts We bring the future closer.