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The best of our lands for the world.

We are the result of potential combinations between Argentina’s natural resources and the business force of Mirgor Group, which seeks to add value to raw materials for export purposes.

We are the result of the combination between the natural resources of Argentina and the business strength of Mirgor Group. We seek to add value to raw materials with an export purpose.

In 2019, we made our first export of 1,000 tons of soybeans to Europe.

During 2020, we exported over 220,000 tons of soybeans, wheat, and peas.

In 2021, we added flint corn, barley, and carinata, achieving exports of over 250,000 tons. Additionally, we made our first export of animal protein.

what have we achieved

Today, we have exported over 1,000,000 tons of various commodities and specialties.

Acquisition of Sauce Co, an agricultural and livestock farm in Bolívar, Buenos Aires Province.

In 2018, we made the strategic decision to be part of the agro-industrial sector, building on our strengths:

40 years of experience in manufacturing and industry.

Focus on technological development.

Deep knowledge of large-scale logistics operations.

in the Agro

Financial stability.

Strategic partners in China, Japan, and Korea.

Projection and Evaluation

Estimated export for the next three years: over 1,200,000 tons.

Estimated production for the next three years: over 200,000 tons. Estimated sourcing for the next three years.

Projects and estimates: We will produce and export value-added products with high-quality standards to the world.

We will venture into the production and export of cereals and oilseeds.

We will carry out the production of animal protein focused on diversification in integration.

We will invest in the development, manufacturing, commercialization and export of value-added products based on the incorporation of technology



Export background



Export background